Our location – Marina Quartier, part of the Ostenviertel of Regensburg

Das Marina Quartier Regensburg

The history of Regensburg

Emerging from the Roman military encampment Castra Regina, Regensburg was already a ducal residence as early as the 6th century, and the first capital of Bavaria. Long-distance trade with Europe’s metropolises soon made Regensburg into a wealthy and populous city in the Middle Ages, which is also reflected in its architecture. To this day many Romanesque and Gothic buildings characterise the cityscape of Regensburg Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Regensburg nowadays

Today Regensburg is a strong industrial and scientific location with an excellent infrastructure, and it thrills with its successful combination of old and new. The city has more than 1,400 listed buildings, 9 theatres and 20 museums. Bavaria’s largest shipping harbour is in Regensburg, and its three universities educate more than 28,000 students. 

The Stone Bridge

One of Regensburg’s landmarks is the stone bridge. In less than 15 minutes you can reach this sight seeing spot on foot.

Shipping on the Danube

Only 10 minutes from the Marina Apartments are the landing stages for the boat trips in Regensburg.


The famous memorial of numerous personalities is worth a visit.

Distances and routes

✔ In 1 minute to the Danube and the countryside
✔ In 10 minutes on foot to the historic city centre
✔ In 10 minutes by bus/car to the railway station
✔ In 10 minutes by car to the A3/A93
✔ In 1 hour by car to Munich Airport

The Marina Quartier

For our project, we consciously chose a location in Regensburg which is central and quiet. So we chose the area in the east of the city, the „Marina Quartier“. Numerous new flats and businesses arise in this new district.

City quarter with level

Regensburg’s city quarter is on the edge of the eastern quarter, lies directly on the Danube and is therefore right between the old town and the western harbour. So you are centrally located, but still in the green and, more importantly, quiet. The quarter covers 6 hectares and is the new home to 670 flats, retail shops, commercial enterprises and cultural institutions. First-class restaurants are located in the area. Stops for public transport make it easy to be mobile in Regensburg even without a car.

Architecture and culture

The city of Regensburg has taken care to ensure that the architecture of the various buildings in the Marina Quartier blends in perfectly with the surroundings. The buildings therefore not only inspire from the inside, but also from the outside. In addition to the design of the buildings, culture is also very important. The Marina Forum, a project of the Regensburg Tourismus GmbH, offers space and the possibility to hold conferences, congresses, fairs, celebrations and events.

In the best part of the Marina quarter – Marina Apartments

When selecting the plot of land, we paid particular attention to the location. Our project is therefore very close to the old town and at the same time next to the Danube. For you, this means being very central, being able to walk along the Danube in 5 minutes and, thanks to the lack of through traffic, enjoying peace and quiet.

Here is an overview of all the advantages of the neighbourhood:

  • Quiet and central location
  • High quality green spaces and open spaces
  • Stimulating and at the same time calming water surfaces
  • Direct access to the Danube and Danube promenade
  • Shortest ways to local supply and gastronomy
  • No through traffic
  • Outdoor marina with interesting possibilities of use

Neutraubling is very close

A stone’s throw away from the Marina Quartier lies the town of Neutraubling. Neutraubling is well known because it is located right next to the BMW plant in Regensburg, has a large industrial area, offers various schools and leisure facilities.